About us

At Imperfect Parent, we support parents with researched-backed resources and a respectful approach to continue their journey and evolve their understanding of being a parent so that their children can grow to be amazing, compassionate, courageous, resilient, and authentic human beings.

Founded by Monica Chan, a parent to two marvelously inquisitive children and wife to her complete opposite yet lovable husband. Monica holds a Bachelor Degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of British Columbia and Certificate in Early Years Education.

From her academics, she understands the pivotal role early years play on shaping children’s entire development. Thus, Imperfect Parent is dedicated to helping families of young children between 0-5 years of age.

Her philosophy is strongly influenced by the work and wisdom of Magda Gerber, founder of the respectful parenting philosophy, Research for Infant Educarers™ (RIE) Approach, and holds a certificate for having completed the RIE Foundations course.

She loves connecting with parents through story-telling, laughter, and compassion while helping them with their real life parenting struggles.

Our Mission

Every child remains connected to their authenticity and is loved unconditionally by their parents.

We do this by supporting parents in the children’s earliest years with the knowledge and guidance they need to go from feeling anxious, fearful, and overwhelmed to find confidence, ease, and joy in their parenting.

Raising Authentic Humans