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Best First Years

Days are long but the years are short.
Ditch the DIY, adhoc parenting and say YES to researched-back information, guidance, and support you and your baby deserves.

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Is this you?

  • You’ve carefully prepared your physical space for baby – the bassinet, the rocker, the mobile, perfect black-out shades – BUT you don’t feel as prepared nor clear on how exactly you will raise baby to be the confident, resilient, connected, and authentic person you want them to be. 
  • You want to keep up with your baby’s development BUT baby changes so fast that you’re playing catch up all the time. Keeping up with baby always seem reactive, not proactive.
  • You have that list of parenting books you want to read (and even did read a few) BUT the information only kind of applies to your real baby in your real life and you’re left trying to figure out how to make it practical for your unique situation.
  • You want the best information to support your baby’s development BUT between the apps, websites, and the lady at the cash register, there is so much information out there, which do you even listen to?

Your baby’s manual is not on Pinterest.

Perhaps like many new parents, your source for parenting advice ranges from parenting books off best seller lists to Google searches to 30 second videos on social media. How’s that working out for you?

The problem is…

News articles and websites want more eyes + more profit. At worst, it’s click bait. At best, the writers don’t have the depth of knowledge to understand the studies they are writing about.

Friends and family advice and anedoctal experience can either comfort… or (more often) do exactly the opposite and is just another tricky thing you have to navigate.

Expert books are great, but all books can get dated. And since books are for the masses, you are left with the hard part – applying it!

3 minute reels are fun and amusing, but even when they have sound advice, mindlessly scrolling through posts doesn’t help you raise your baby.

Imagine if…

You have all the science-backed information you need to give your baby their best first years curated + ready for you at a click of a button.

You never have to guess if an idea or theory is going to work for your family.

You have an expert coach by your side so you don’t have to learn “on the job” while caring for your baby.

You have a supportive community of like-minded parents that gets you and has your back.


Best First Years

A Parenting Membership to eliminate the knowledge gap for new parents and give them the clarity, roadmap, and guidance they didn’t know they needed to give parent, baby, and tender relationship between them the best chance – right from the start.


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Inside the Membership

Monthly guides

Video guides + practical exercises on topics that apply to your baby’s first years of development on an easy-to-use, ad-free platform.


Twice a month live group coaching sessions with Monica to make sure the info sinks in and answer all your questions.


Private members-only forum for you to learn with + learn from other like-minded parents at the same stage and age as you and your baby.


Life-time access to all material shared in the group + extras as we update with new research, resources, and information.

Best for Baby.

Best for Parent.

You want the best for your baby and you want parenting to be easy and enjoyable.
Of course you do! Here’s how you can have both by joining Best First Years:


Not more information, but the right information.
You don’t need to sponge up every parenting advice that comes your way. Joining Best First Years means never having FOMO on reading every parenting related thing under the sun or wondering if you should be listening to Aunt Jo’s advice at dinner. The membership makes things a lot simpler for you by bringing you quality, curated information that best meets your baby’s development, right now.


Apply it #IRL
I hear it all the time. Parents tell me they do the right things, say the right words… but “it doesn’t work.” Humans are complex and we don’t follow a script – your baby included! Best First Years do the heavy lifting and helps you see the whole picture, understand the intentions, find the nuances, and connect the dots so that the right information is applied in the way you and your baby needs it, when you need it.

Take a Sneak Peek

You didn’t know what you didn’t know.
Scroll through all the module contents below and see how much we have packed in our membership for our families.

- foundations -

Let’s get working! Out with the myths, false-beliefs, and misconceptions that is holding you back from parenting the way you want and the way you baby needs. Learn the guiding principles of respectful parenting and basics of development.

- sleep -

For you. For baby. Find out the ins and outs of baby sleep, routines, and hygienes that set you up for success down the road. Learn how to troubleshoot your baby’s unique sleep needs so everyone is getting more sleep all the time.

- feeding baby-

Breast or formula. Puree or baby-led weaning. Feeding choices explained, debunked, and demystified so you can make the right choices for you and your baby. Learn to build healthy habits and relationship with food from the first very years.

- basic care -

Bathing. Diapering. Changing. Learn to change how you see and approach basic baby care to maximize your connection time with baby and by-pass common caregiving struggles altogether.

- routines -

Routines should work for you and your baby, not the other way around. Learn to free yourself from the clock and find the routine and rhythm that works for your family. Then, watch your life simplify, stress and anxiety go away, and collectively sigh as your family finds an ease in your new schedule.

- limits + boundaries -

Get the know-how on setting limits and boundaries without power-struggles. Throwing food off their high chair? Dumping water out of the bath? Baby turns banshee as soon as they see a car seat? You’ll know how to handle these with grace and ease.

- autonomy -

Autonomy is important to all, including babies. Learn to see, appreciate, and nurture the little human you have without tipping the balance over and loosing your autonomy too. We also talk consent and how to ensure we walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

- emotions -

Arm yourself with information, mantra, and tools to navigate your baby’s big feelings in a way that boosts your baby’s emotional intelligence while keeping your own sanity. And we can’t forget that all important secure attachment. Learn exactly what helps it form and flourish so you never have to question your baby’s attachment to you.

- play -

Play is the work of childhood – but most new parents aren’t aware of the power that lies in play when it comes to helping your baby grow! Learn how to use play time to boost your baby’s learning and meet your baby’s developmental needs.

- language -

Mother-ese or adult-speak – which is best for baby? Bi-lingual or tri-lingual – will this confuse them? Learn to support important language development and create a linguistic culture within your family.

- multiple caregivers-

Raising baby takes a village. Be it daycare or grandparents, learn to navigate having multiple care settings and people looking after your baby. Prepare everyone for a seamless transition for baby, OR navigate situations where caregivers have differing views on caregiving!

- partnership -

When everything baby takes center stage, learn to bring your partner along and nurture your relationship together. Build a team-mentality right from the start so you and your partner’s relationship are strong and thriving, not starved and barely surviving.

Just 4 Steps Away

In 4 steps, you will make transformative changes to your parenting and finally get the guidance you always wanted. Here’s your roadmap and what to expect after joining Best First Years membership.

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get access to our members-only platform


one new parenting topic unlocked each month for the next 12 months


attend scheduled live sessions and join in with chats and posts


use the 1:1 coaching with Monica to address your unique parenting concerns

Hi there!

I’m Monica as a Parenting Educator and I see the same parenting challenges come up again and again. Early parenthood pain spots are so similar, and so are the blind spots!

The frustrating thing is, we know much more about development in the last decade… BUT it’s just really hard to filter out the noise of mainstream parenting advices while you’re still trying to get decent night’s sleep (don’t worry – we take care of that too!)

Without good information and guidance, I see new parents make common mistakes that can be avoided in the first place.

Best First Years gives you the information and know-how you need so you can parent with confidence and ease without having to guess or DIY this journey with baby!

Parenting doesn’t have to be so hard. Come join us and we’ll show you how.

Is Best First Years right for you?

This Is For You If

  • You are committed to do the work to be the parent you want to be, give your baby the best support, and want a strong, connected relationship with your baby.
  • You are ready to show up on this learning journey because if parenting is a practice, then you know it takes time to build habits in those small moments that strengthen your foundation in the long term.

This Is NOT For You If

  • You are not ready to put behind the out-dated mainstream narratives of what parenting should be – endless sacrificing from parents and blind obedience of children.
  • You are not open to reflect and grow to make transformative changes in your parenting, and quite possibly your life.

Here’s Your Opportunity

To avoid mistakes that most new parents make the first years with baby that lead to frustration, burnout, and unneccessary strain on your relationship with baby.

To head where you want to end instead of trying to fix habits that form from default parenting or following only mainstream advice.

To leave the guesswork and DIY-ing behind and have the confidence and knowledge to back up each parenting decision – right from the start.

From Our Parents

Hear from other families on how Best First Years membership have helped them eliminate the knowledge gap and guesswork so they can feel less stress, anxiety, confusion, and overwhelm and find more ease and joy first year with baby.

The way the information is curated, connected, and presented so clearly – it’s just not something I could have pieced together on my own by doing internet searches. Being guided along with exercises and examples during our topics really make this a practice. It’s not just an article or book where you would read it and then forget it.

- Winnie

With Best First Years I’m happier, I feel more connected with my baby, and even my marriage is better! Monica makes the learning applicable to my real experiences and guide me to make real changes in my life now. I always know that I’m supported by both Monica and the BFY community. Every new parent should have this.​

- Lena

As someone who spent months preparing for my birth experience, I’m embarassed to admit that my partner and I didn’t know where or how to begin preparing to raise our baby. I am so thankful that I found Best First Years to guide us. It gave me the one-stop space for all our parenting questions. I only wish I had it earlier.

- Jane


We don’t subscribe that parenting is something you need to “learn on the job” because there isn’t any other option. Here’s your other option.

For less than $3 a day, this year-long Membership will change what parenting means for your family. All you have to do is take the leap and say yes – for your family, your baby, and you.

Click on the payment option you want and join for Best First Years now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be for us to join?

Best First Years is for families with a baby between 0-18 months old. If you are expecting your first child or welcoming your second (third +) child, this membership will also benefit you!

How long do I have to commit to the membership?

Best First Years is meant for a minimum 12 months commitment. This is so that families not only have time to go through all the topics, but also allows enough time for parents to build up habits necessary to continue their intentional parenting approach for years to come.

How do I know if the benefit will help me?

Best First Years is meant to help families who are looking for reliable and science-backed information and best practices – but only if they are willing to do the work. That means commiting to show up, learn, and contribute. Grass is greener where you water it, afterall wink Prepare for a lushious lawn if you’re willing to work for it!

I want this but gah... I don't know if I'll have the time!

Yes, you’re right! You have so little time as parents, I know! Let me break down the time commitment for you. Per month in BFY, you’ll spend:

~ 30-60 minutes going through the video and exercises. Longer if you want to repeat some of the key sections.

~ 15-30 minutes talking to your spouse or others in your family about your learning.

~ 60-80 minutes on group sessions hearing and connecting with other parents who are in the same space as you.

~ 60 minutes hanging out in the community chat rooms, asking a question, offering a word of encouragement.

~ 20 minutes hanging out with Coach Monica 1:1 getting individual attention troubleshooting your problems.

Per month, you will spend ~3 to 4 hours training, building habits, and growing to be a confident, calm, and knowledgeable parent. 

BUT WITHOUT this foundational work, most parents are spending hours

… Late-night Googling to troubleshoot tantrums, deal with defiance, fix bedtime refusal to sleep, find recipes so their child will eat vegetables, lists of products to make brushing teeth easier, ways to talk to children so they will listen, and SO much more.
… Disagreeing, arguing, or avoiding their spouse, mother, or mother-in-law on how to best raise your baby
… In frustration and power struggle with their kid to get them to do one of the thousands of things: get in the bath, leave the bath, stop screentime, go to daycare, learn their manners, eat the food, stop eating sweets, share with others… the list goes on.
… Mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok reading and watching (and FOMO-ing) parenting posts trying to find the pieces to the puzzle that can make it all easier when year after year parenting just seems to get harder.

How many hours is that, you ask? About 100 hours PER MONTH of hassle, headache, and heartache.

There is good news – you are here in this golden time where you can make parenting intentional, right from the start. You get to choose to spend 3-4 hours a month now to avoid wasting 100 hours of time and energy in the future. And because of that, you are also protecting your family and your relationships with each of them when you don’t have those daily conflicts and struggles.

Come in and let us take care of that for you.

What if I wanted to end my membership before 12 months ends?

We make this no-brainer decision even easier for you with our cancel anytime policy. If ever families feel like it is not gelling, we dive deep to find out what the parent needs to get the most benefit with BFY. We are very confident that this membership gives transformative change to families. But if we can’t deliver on needs greater than the membership offers, we will stop the membership for the family and part ways  at that time. We also know that some families may hesitate commiting to something off the internet, so the cancellation policy gives a peace of mind to those on the fence.

How will payment be made for the membership?

Payment is collected through auto Paypal transactions on the first of each month after membership begins. Your Paypal account will manage this payment for you and after signing up today, you won’t have to think about it again for the next 12 months!

Can my spouse also join on the same membership?

Yes! Each membership is sharable between baby’s caregivers. If you have other babies in the family who have different caregivers (your sister and her child, for example), then they require a separate membership. This is to ensure we can give tailored experiences and support each family to meet their unique needs as a whole. In order to do that, unique accounts are necessary so we can know each family.

Say No to Default +
Say YES to BFY

Stop looking around for the responsible adults in the room to make a decision.

The decision is yours.

That’s the role of the parent – to come up with the plan and steer the ship. This is your choice: to continue trial and error parenting and hope it lands somewhere you want to go…

OR you can take this option now and give you and your baby your Best First Years together.