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Get Kids That Want to Listen

➡️Without Timeouts, Yelling, or Punishments
➡️Without Damaging Your Bond with Your Child
➡️Without Riddling You with Guilt or Shame

This workshop is a must, period.

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Are you struggling to get your 1-6 year old to listen?

  • Do they ignore you, delay, negotiate, or even act out more if you make a request?
  • Are you confused as to how to get more cooperation from your little ones?
  • Do you feel frustrated, confused, annoyed, or even angry because of this?
  • Do you catch yourself angry or yelling, and then feel horrible about doing it later?

If this is you, then…

It’s time to change things up.

You might have tried countless strategies to improve your child’s listening, or perhaps you’ve been hesitant to enforce stricter rules, fearing it’s too harsh or could strain your relationship. It’s a challenging journey, and you’ve likely wondered if better cooperation and harmony are even possible.

But most parents end up doing the very things that make it harder for kids to listen thinking that it’s helping – when it’s not.

This webinar is your answer to step forward with the knowledge, clarity, and roadmap you need to turn things around when it comes to getting your kids to cooperate.

What to Expect

Join a time-limited FREE Webinar and discover:

✔️ The most detrimental mistakes parents often make when trying to correct behaviour — mistakes that don’t work and makes things worse

✔️ Understand the negative consequences if these mistakes continue.

✔️ Learn the 3 simple focuses that encourage kids not only to listen but to want to listen.

✔️ Hear how real parents tricky situations into positive interactions.

✔️ Learn to eliminate frustration and anxiety (for both you and your kid!) around rules, limits, and boundaries – once and for all!

Parenting feels hard because it is hard.

If you struggle daily, or even moment to moment, I see you. I was you. I am you! You’re here because we share the same goal: to be the best parents we can to support our little humans. 

Yes – parenting can exhausting, confusing and at times triggering, yet there are solutions to the problems you face. 

I know this approach is the answer you’ve been looking for. The webinar will guide you from being anxious and confused to being confident and assured that finally this issue will go away. 

Parenting can be an anxiety-free and joyful journey. 

You just need answers
and I’m going to give them to you.

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