IP Membership 2021 Raising Authentic Humans
children running along rope bridge in risky play

Congratulations on going through the

Imperfect Parent 3-Day Play Challenge.

I know it was a whirlwind of material, but I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to really benefit from knowing how to support your baby’s development through play.


But play isn’t all of it, is it? What about…

  • feeding baby solid food
  • mastering sleep
  • feelings and attachment
  • getting on the same page as your partner
  • crying and tantrums
  • discipline

There is much, much more about new parenthood that gives you stress, anxiety, fear, guilt and shame. The good news is, there is good research and best practices out there already and we have it ready for you.


The Imperfect Parent Membership

The play challenge gives you a sample of the type of research-backed, respectful parenting based material we will be discussing in my Imperfect Parent Membership, but we go even deeper and you’ll be guided along the way.

Each month, I challenge you to learn and apply the latest information out there that is proven to support your child’s development.

On top of delivering a video on the monthly topic, we will be holding a live Q&A zoom call with discussions based on our Private Discord Server. Although it may not be as familiar as Facebook for some of you, it has the advantage of a much more organized format for discussions and direct messages.


And then there’s the manual!

The membership will come with the invaluable Imperfect Parent Manual:

a detail mindset of the Imperfect Parent approach to parenting

  • 6 info-packed modules
  • dozens of video guides
  • print out and follow-along worksheets

Come away knowing why it just makes sense to raise children to be authentically themselves.

The Manual is only accessible by members and not something we package separately.


To be clear, this membership is not for everyone.

We at Imperfect Parent are laser-focused on raising authentic humans and expect our membership to be like-minded. If you’re ready to take the next step, to find intention in what you are doing with your baby, join us as we will be tackling ways to foster a Lifelong Healthy Relationship with Food in August.


And because we know you’ll love it after you try it, the first month of membership is only $1.

Yup – it’s that simple. Try it out for the first month and if you decide you’re not ready for it, you can stop anytime before the end of the month.


So if you’re ready to…

  • make a difference in your parenting,
  • get crystal clear on your goals,
  • follow a well-researched road-map to get you there…

…sign up for the Imperfect Parent Membership now. 

Enrollment is open only until July 31. 


I look forward to welcoming you soon.