Infant Play Class

New parenthood doesn't have to be confusing

In 8 weeks you’ll have the clarity and roadmap to meet your baby’s developmental needs through PLAY.

Enriching Baby’s Development through PLAY

We get it – You want to do your best for your baby. But with all the information out there, new parenthood can be confusing and lonely as you try to figure out what “best” even means.

Play2Grow helps new parents just like you transform your way of seeing, being, and supporting your baby through the language of childhood: play. Not only will you learn to use everyday play-time to meet your baby’s developmental needs, this program helps you build a strong, connected, and enduring relationship with your baby – right from the start

Cutting through the noise to give you science-backed knowledge and best practices.

Fully guided practical steps to implement each week.

Intimate setting to get you connect with other like-minded families.

Helping you be the confident and connected parent you always wanted to be.


Guided by the latest research on child development & early childhood education.

Respectful Parenting

Based on the guidance and principles of Respectful Parenting.

Parent Friendly

We support you where you are at. No guilt, shame, and blame. We’re here for your journey.


Centered on seeing, being with, and supporting your unique baby to develop their authentic self.

What is Play2Grow?

This 8 weeks program will give you the full roadmap to supporting development through play. Part knowledge class for parents, part play class for babies, each week is focused on specific topic relevant to your baby’s development and builds on previously discussed topics with plenty of examples provided.


At-A-Glance Curriculum

Week 1: Respectful Play 101

Week 2: Baby Milestones

Week 3: What Your Baby’s Telling You

Week 4: A Rich Environment for Baby

Week 5: Play Schemas

Week 6: Language Development Through Play

Week 7: Invitation to Play

Week 8: Connecting the Dots

The Nitty Gritty

Next Program will be on
Every Thursday, 11:00am – 12:15pm
April 7, 2022
For Baby Ages 4 months – 12 months old

$200 / family for 8 sessions

We love friends! Join with a friend and get the Bring-A-Friend price at $160 / family for 8 sessions. Make sure to tell us your friend’s name at registration!

How are the classes structured?

Each class begins with a welcome song. The instructor will spend time helping each family reflect on their play sessions, helping parents see their baby’s capabilities as we move through our 8 weeks together. Then, we will be discussing a relevant parenting topic each week that is based in scientific research and the principles of respectful parenting. We will end with a farewell song. The routine and rhythm helps baby become familiar with our classes over our 8 weeks together.

How are Play2Grow different from other baby and me classes?

Our classes are made to uphold the importance of baby play in developing the baby’s authentic self. Each week is built on the knowledge and practices of the previous week(s). Through Play2Grow, parents enhance their attunement and responsiveness to their baby’s unique developmental needs. Thus, the program is cohesive and comprehensive, empowering families to fully utilize play to enhance their baby’s development and deepen their connection with their baby – right from the start.

Who are the classes for?

The classes are for any family with children between 4-14 months old. As we are opening our classes virtually, we welcome families from all over the world. Please keep in mind that our class times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

How long are the classes?

Each class is 1 hour 15 minutes long, for 8 consecutive weeks (unless there is a holiday, which will be noted). 

How are the groups conducted?

Each class will be held on Zoom. The day before your class, you will be emailed a Zoom link and password. If you haven’t gotten the link on the morning of your class, please email info@imperfectparent.ca.

Video should ideally show yourself and your baby in their play space on the floor. We ask that families to remain in the class by being on video during the entire class. However, if you need to leave to get something, care for baby or yourself, please feel free to do so and join us again when you are able. Classes will not be recorded. 

About Me

Parenting is hard work. For those who struggle daily, or even moment to moment, I see you. I was you. I am you! When I found respectful parenting, it resonated with me to my core and I knew this was the enduring approach that could help many parents out there. Combining my childhood development and early education experiences, I launched Imperfect Parent as a way to guide parents to a rewarding, loving, and deeply bonded relationship with their child. Parenting can be an anxiety-free and joyful journey.

Come see how.


“This program freed me from the anxiety and worry to make sure my baby hits her milestones! I’ve found this ease as I’ve learnt to see and appreciate all the ways she is already capable – in movement, in communication, and in knowledge!” – Jennifer L.

“All new parents should have a class like this. I feel so much more confident with supporting my baby’s development. Only regret is not having signed up sooner!” – Nicole S.

“This isn’t just a play class. It helps in every aspect of life with my baby and I find myself using what I learnt in this program in every stage of my baby’s development, play related or not! I am so thankful I came across this course.” – Andrea T.

Transform play for your baby! Register now.

We can’t wait to help you become the confident parent you were meant to be and use play to benefit your baby’s development! As space is limited, register as soon as possible to avoid any disappointments. If you have any issues, please contact us at info@imperfectparent.ca.

Want More Individual Help To Get You On The Right Track?

New parents are filled with questions and anxieties about, well, everything. If you feel like you would like individualized guidance to help raise your authentic little human with respect to things like eating, discipline, finding the right childcare center, tantrums, shyness, or anything else, send me a message at info@imperfectparent.ca and I’ll let you know how I can help, or recommend someone to you.