A Beginner’s Guide to Respectful Parenting

All you need to get the guidance and clarity you need to raise your child with unconditional love and respect.

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cover page of respectful parenting beginner's guide and picture of newborn baby laying in parent's lap, holding mother's hand

This guidebook is for you if…

  • You know about gentle / conscious / peaceful / respectful parenting only from social media and is missing the clarity to connect all the messages
  • You want an easy to digest resource to show your spouse, family, and friends about the way you parent
  • You are curious about a way of parenting that doesn’t involve power struggles, good cop/bad cop, time-outs, etc but have questions about What, Why, and How to parent in a more intentional way

The truest form of love is respect.

What’s inside


What is Respectful Parenting

More than an approach.


Why Respectful Parenting

Know the benefits.


How to Respectful Parent

Balancing 3 things


Getting Started

9 ways to start.

A Beginner’s Guide to Respectful Parenting

A guide I wish I had right from the start. The one guide to help you get the information, guidance, and clarity on parenting  your child with unconditional love and respect.

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hi – I’m Monica

I help parents learn to change from parenting from default to parenting with unconditional love and respect.

Through my time working with parents, I always get asked the same questions – “how do I ____, but respectfully?” 

But this isn’t the right question. And when you don’t have the right question, you never get the right answer.

Before you answer the “how”, you got to know the What and the Why. You need clarity. You need more than what you can piece together on social media. 

That’s why I put together this guide to give you the clarity to face any parenting decisions to come. I can’t wait and I’m so happy it will be in your hands soon.

Want More 1-on-1 Help To Get You On The Right Track?

New parents are filled with questions and anxieties about, well, everything. If you feel like you would like individualized guidance to help raise your authentic little human with respect on topics like eating, discipline, caregiver discrepencies, tantrums, shyness, sibling issues, or anything else, send me a message at info@imperfectparent.ca and I’ll let you know how I, or another resource, can help you.