3-Day Respectful
Parenting Challenge

An opportunity to
completely change your parenting journey.

You get to skip the common pain-points that plague toddlerhood, middle-childhood, teenage years and more – because your path will be different right from the start.

The respectful parenting approach is proven to:

  • strengthen the relationship between parent and child
  • create less stress and more confidence for parents
  • build a collaborative and joyful family dynamic 

October 21 – 23, Say Yes!

To a more connected, stress-free, and happy journey for you and your family.

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Not just information, the challenge is a guided experience to get you started on Respectful Parenting so that you can…

Be the type of parent you want to be.
Be the type of parent you want your child to have.
Be the type of parent you wish you had.

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October 21, 22, and 23
Jump-start your respectful parenting journey.

3 Days | Free to join | LIVE on Zoom
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hi. I’m Monica.

Parenting is hard work.

If you struggle daily, or even moment to moment, I see you. I was you. I am you! Before I found respectful parenting, I remember wanting to be the best parent I can, but even with my background in psychology, parenting was exhausting, confusing and at times triggering. Respectful parenting is the missing link that truly gave me a compass to be the parent I always wanted to be without the losing myself or losing it on my kids. 

I know this approach is the answer you’ve been looking for. Here I’m going to guide you to a rewarding, loving, and deeply bonded relationship with your child.

Parenting can be an anxiety-free and joyful journey.

Come see how.