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Making parenting less stressful and more joyful for you.


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Is this you?I love your kids but…”

… parts of parenting is so hard and miserable.
… I try parenting tips but nothing seems to help.
… I am worried I’m not helping my kid enough with this one thing and no forum, books, or Google search has helped me solve this yet.

As much as we at the Imperfect Parent try to provide the info and guidance to solve everyday parenting struggles, sometimes you just need the focused attention to help with real issues within your family.

Our process is simple: tell us what’s going on and together we dive deeper, troubleshoot, and help you transform what you have been doing to something that actually gets you to where you want to be.

Walk the walk

Helping you do what you said you’ll do.

We all have said we’d do something but then – life happens. With private coaching sessions, there are no slip-ups, delays, or taking the wrong path trying to figure out this parenting gig.

A better way

Ho-hum is not for you.

You want the fast-track, no-BS, hand-held option to parenting the way you envisioned: calm, confident, connected.

At the core

Dive Deeper

You’ve tried sticking to the script but it never works. You need someone to open up the learning deeper and truly get at the core: of the problem, of your baby’s needs and behaviours, and of your own inner emotions and thoughts, too.

Parenting is hard. You get to make it easier.
See how our private coaching can transform your family, starting with a quick chat with us to see if we can help. This complimentary discovery call helps us get to know your unique family and situation, and determine if we are a good fit to help you reach your parenting goals.

Simply find a time that works for you and book a discovery call now.

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