Get Kids That

Want to Listen 


  • Without Resorting to Timeouts, Yelling, or Punishments
  • Without Damaging Your Bond with Your Child
  • Without Riddling You with Guilt or Shame

Are you struggling to get your 1-6 year old to listen to you?

Do they ignore you, delay, negotiate, or even act out more if you make a request?

Do you feel frustrated, confused, annoyed, or even angry because of this?

Are you confused as to how to get more cooperation from your little ones?

Do you catch yourself angry or yelling, and then feel horrible about doing it later?

Then it’s time to change things up

Get Clear Guidance

See Changes in Days

What You Will Learn

  1. Step-by-step technique to halt tantrums in their tracks.
  2. Practical scripts for easy boundary-setting.
  3. Solutions to common tantrum triggers.
  4. Simple methods to regulate children for fewer tantrums.
  5. Master consequences and rewards with ease.
  6. Build up your own tolerance & resilience against tantrum turbulence

“We’ve tried everything, but after implementing the strategies in this workshop, I can’t believe how things turned around for the better so quickly!”

– Lisa, mother of 4 year old Henry and 2 year old Jessica

Hosted by Monica Chan

Monica is the Founder & Parent Educator at Imperfect Parent. Using her degrees in Psychology and Early Years Education, she’s spent years guiding families and early childhood educators through the wild ride of raising young children. Monica’s on a mission to banish stress, ease frustration, and build lasting connections between parents and their little ones. As a mother of two young children herself, not only does her strategies and advice always aims for enduring success, she resonates deeply with the parent who feels stuck in a negative spiral with their kids. Join her in saying goodbye to tantrum turmoil and hello to harmonious homes!

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