children running along rope bridge in risky play

Play is really the work of childhood. 

– Fred Rogers

Thank you for joining me for my Infant Play workshop!  I hope you have gained some insight into the importance of play and some methods to practice.

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What I shared today is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re ready to learn more and, more importantly, put theory into practice, then our play classes are for you.


IP’s BABY + ME Play Classes

If play is the work of childhood, then how do you help them with their work? Where do you fit in? We give you the roadmap to fostering development through our 8-weeks Baby + Me Play Classes. 


During this 8 weeks, you will
  • Apply the basics of good “play hygiene” including creating a ‘yes’ space, toy curation, toy rotation, play structure, and more
  • Take actions weekly that sets your child up to learn through play
  • Not only plant the seed for independent play but also reduce your own stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, and shame that comes with new parenting
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See you all soon 🙂

– Monica, Imperfect Parent