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You love your child, and both want the best and try to be the best for them. You may also have found yourself at a complete lost when it comes to your child – why won’t they sleep, eat, listen? Parenting may be a roller coaster of emotions for you and you have found yourself happy, frustrated, elated, and angry in this parenting role. You are an imperfect parent!

At Imperfect Parent, we understand the challenges and struggles of everyday parenting. We encourage you to embrace your imperfections as strength and as a desire for continued development. Here you will find researchedbacked resources and a respectful approach to ease your parenthood journey. Come be imperfect with us.


What is Respectful Parenting?

Respectful parenting is based on the belief that even the youngest child is a person, with thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes and is deserving of unconditional love and respect.

With a focus on building a meaningful, life-long relationship between parent and child, the respectful parenting approach frees parents from the too-often felt grip of fear, anxiety, and guilt and allows them to experience joy and confidence in the role they play in their child’s development.

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We provide information, classes and workshops in Vancouver, BC and Lower Mainland including:

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Dear Parents,

“Parenting is hard work. For those who struggle daily, or even moment to moment, I see you. I was you. I am you! When I found respectful parenting, it resonated with me to my core and I knew this was the enduring approach that could help many parents out there. I launched the Imperfect Parent as a way to guide parents to a rewarding, loving, and deeply bonded relationship with their child. Parenting can be an anxiety-free and joyful journey. Come see how. “

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